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Speed Optimization

Does your WordPress website take a lot of time (more than a few seconds) to load? If you answered yes then we suggest you optimize your site for speed. Google now penalizes websites that are too slow. But even if it did not then your web visitors will surely penalize you by moving on to another website (quite probably a competitor).

Our experience means that we are able to analyze the website in detail using tools like Google Page Speed Insight and GTMetrix. We will work to optimize images, minify code and rendered page content and more. In short we will go all out to ensure that your site loads as fast as possible based on your current site infrastructure (hosting and domain, site code and plugin usage etc).

Please note that in some cases where the site is slow due to the nature of your plugin and theme combination then we will provide a detailed analysis on how to boost site speed. However, changing the design/implementation of your site to improve speed is not in the scope of this service.

Contact us now using the form on this page if you want help with improving the page load speed of your website.

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It was a great to work with Up Think Solutions. They provide an excellent service and Waqas is especially great ensuring that everything gets done as planned. I highly recommend them for any WordPress development work.

- Bruce Whipple,

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